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Gizmo (Lords of the Storm podcast) and Sharku (Adults with Jobs) join the crew this week to talk about the Race to World First and other fun stuff!


9:50 - World Boss for this week

15:50 - 10th Anniversary of South Park's WoW episode

18:10 - Race to World First is over! Gearing, tuning, and more.

37:00 - WoW has 10.1 million subs? Nope, that's not a thing.

43:50 - Questing (sidetrack) including Illidan quest line (minor spoilers)

49:40 - World Quests have bonus rep

50:55 - UI Changes for patch 7.1 - What does it mean?

55:00 - HotS: Zarya released

56:35 - HotS: Brawls announced!

59:55 - What will be announced at Blizzcon? eSports for HotS

1:02:30 - HotS: New hero TBA Thursday

1:03:25 - HotS: Murloc Geniuses going pro!

1:04:25 - HotS: More on Zarya and balancing

1:06:25 - Hearthstone: Balance changes, HS hero for HotS?

1:14:30 - Overwatch: Twitch's top new game of 2016!

1:16:00 - OW: Sombra TBA at Blizzcon?

1:17:25 - OW: Halloween seasonal play?

1:20:50 - OW Open Finals on TBS

1:21:40 - Outro

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