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The guys are dressed up in their tuxes to celebrate the coming of 2013 with a look back on the best of 2012.  Not only will there be a countdown of our great production bits -- boss intros, songs, and the finale from Koltrane's Legendary Staff quests -- but we have Josh Allen stop by (Lore from Gamebreaker TV's Legendary), and all of the information we have on patch 5.2 which lands soon on the PTR. Tons of information? Check. Loads of fun discussion? Check. Incredibly weird and funny bits to savor before the new year hits? Check!  Looks like this show has got it all.  Enjoy, and happy new year from all of us to you!

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While the guys wait for the end of the world (according to the Mayan calendar), they've got a lot to discuss! Koltrane talks more about the Arcane Mage, Solarflair levels his boomy, and Zhug shares a casually legendary tale!  Also, the guys take another look at the state of raiding in WoW, especially after all of the developer interviews in the last week or so.  Also, Elegon is on the chopping block, and the boys take you through the action blow by blow. Plus, it's the CtR Holiday show, so we have presents for everyone, including you!  If you'd like to win a Cinder Kitten pet, please head to for more information in the post for this show. Happy holidays, from all of us to you!

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This week, the gang talks about switching things up in 5.1 for themselves before catching up with the latest round of developer interviews around World of Warcraft land, commenting on some of the most notable information we've gleened.  Also, Vlad from stops by to talk about how this internet powerhouse for raiders and how he and his business partner got started and how they keep things going. The guys answer your questions, and Koltrane has built the ultimate guide for Arcrane Mages at the end of the episode.  You'll want to stay tuned this entire episode -- lots of great stuff!

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On this special episode, Pat Krane sits down one on one with Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Encounter Designer for Blizzard. They discuss a lot of the end game content: scenarios, challenge modes, Brawler's Guild, dailies, dailies and more dailies, and of course every single mode of raid content!  Trials, tribulations, lessons learned, and triumphs abound in this jam packed interview!

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This week, patch 5.1 hit the live servers despite what Zhug said in the last episode, so the guys will take a look at some of the changes as they see them right now. They discuss dailies, dailies, and more dailies (now with flagged opposition), item level upgrades, the Legendary casual questline, the new standard time, and much more -- including the big changes to LFR and LFD, and lots of class changes too!  Plus, Zhug apologizes, Koltrane may dust off his 2 button keyboard, and Solarflair just tries to find the words.  Also, the guys take down The Spirit Kings in the War Room and give you the blow by blow and a ton more.  Hang on tight... it's gonna get freaky!

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Admittedly nothing much in the raiding news department from Blizzard. But when have we let that stop us before?  The guys catch you up on the race to world first, they prognosticate on patch 5.1 and have a little chat about LFR difficulty and what you need to know in order to clear this content.  Plus, Zhug gets a little Monky, Solarflair and Koltrane level up, and all the guys proceed to the next level of raiding!

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This week the guys have very pleasant conversations about World of Warcraft as they catch up on their raiding progression and all of the latest news and views from Pandaria, including: The latest on the race to world first as they prepare to tackle the heroic Terrace of Endless Spring, the latest release candidate for patch 5.1 and what that means for WoW players everywhere, and they'll discuss highlights of the World Championship as it comes to a close... and more!  Laughs, drama, news, and maybe a question or two from you guys.

Thank you so much for listening!

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This week, the gang will catch you up on the latest raiding news and so much more!  The latest leg of the racde to world first comes to a close, LFR, Normal, and Heroic Heart of Fear got some quick fixes, the World Championship is for WoW fans too, and Gara'jal the Spiritbinder is on the chopping block in The War Room.  Of course there is a LOT more, but you should really hear it all for yourself!

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This week, the crew takes a look at the latest news about the end game: Heart of Fear progression and the race to world first, loot as it relates to dailies and LFR for raiders everywhere, and we even take a look ahead to patch 5.1 and beyond. Solarflair and Zhug debate on whether it's okay to have a "pay to play" system for the Brawler's Guild while Koltrane is still recovering from last week's raid night.  Plus, Adobe from My Epic Heals drops by to give us some in depth tips and tricks for playing the resto shaman!  How do we pack in so much show? You be the judge!

Also. Please help those affected by last week's Superstorm Sandy by donating to the Red Cross!

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This week, the guys discuss all of the latest, including: The release of the Heart of Fear raid, Korean Realms getting double lock outs, some of the latest changes to patch 5.1 on the test realms, and Feng the Accursed is on the chopping block in this week's War Room!  Plus, Solarflair gets a new gig, Zhug takes a hard stance on trouble makers, and Koltrane turns furry.  All of this and so much more in this colossal show!

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