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Sharku (Asparagus Initiative) and John (Well Met, The Payoad, Return to Orbit) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

11:30 - Ion Hazzikostas Q&A this week
14:40 - Exorsus Mythic Race Reddit Post
23:10 - Overwatch: Summer Games 2017, Doomfist follow up
32:15 - Ben Brode Raps, more Knights of the Frozen Thrones
42:50 - Heroes of the Storm: Garrosh, HGC Cheering on Twitch
56:45 - eSports: OW League Logo update, OWL Salaries and Standards, upcoming Blizzard action
1:16:10 - Outro

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John Horstmann (Well Met and The Payload podcasts) joins Pat Krane this week to talk about WoW and more!

8:50 - WoW Legion Q&A Overview
20:20 - Hearthstone: New expansion details!
34:30 - Heroes of the Storm: Quick Balance Updates
35:15 - Overwatch: Season 4 Begins, OW League interview, new hero teased
46:00 - eSports overview
48:00 - Outro

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This week, Pat and Dairies are joined by Tovo and Sharku to talk WoW and ALL THE GAMES.


Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas, Lead Game Developer for World of Warcraft, talked with Jesse Cox on Twitch. In it, he announced that Legion alpha is over, and that the beta will begin this week! He also discussed questing, the leveling experience, Mythic+ dungeons and more. The crew takes a look at the interview and puts their own spins on how Legion is shaping up for the late August release.


Plus, Overwatch beta ends, StarCraft 2’s patch 3.3 is coming soon with some new features, Heroes of the Storm will revamp ranked play, and a whole lot more in this jam packed show!


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This week Tattva joins the crew for WoW talk and more!


Not only is there a bunch of new stuff in the latest build of the Legion alpha like dungeons and hunter pets, there’s also more information on how legendaries will work (or more importantly NOT work) in the next expansion. Will these changes help make the raiding race more fair?


Other big news that just dropped is about how mounts effect the leveling experience. In the next expansion you will not be able to rely on your Water Strider mount to help you stay above the fray, as they will only work in previous content. More inside.


Plus, the history of Warcraft in book form, Overwatch and Heroes news, and much more in this fun episode!


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This week, the CtR crew dig in to patch 6.1 and cover Blizzard’s recent Q&A on Twitch!

Patch 6.1 dropped on Tuesday, and now we ask whether or not everything has lived up to the hype. Have items like the SELFIE camera and garrison jukebox been good things overall, or are these just small quality of life improvements?

Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas and Community Manager Josh Allen (a.k.a. Lore) took to Twitch this week to talk about dungeons and raids in World of Warcraft. A lot of ground was covered, from how many raid tiers we can expect this expansion to personal loot changes, a “Timewalking” feature and more. The crew will run through some of the most notable A’s to your Q’s and have a bunch of fun along the way.


Plus a neutral panda is about to hit level 100, more news from the race to world first, and more!

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This week the CtR crew returns for another fun filled show!

The Heart of the Valorous goes live again, but why did Blizzard only make it available over a weekend and not during the rest of the week? And will valor caps increase any time soon so that we can upgrade more than one piece of armor per week?

Warlords beta patch notes have been released! The crew gives you some of the highlights and tries to calm you down as the game continues to be developed. The guys also discuss the feedback process for all of these changes and how that works with the communication from Blizzard to its players.

Want to know more about how your Garrison will work in Warlords? recently posted all of their datamined information about garrisons, including an in depth look at the buildings that you’ll be able to choose from. How will these buildings help your gameplay? Are there any overpowered perks from these buildings? Find out inside!

Also, Rob Pardo, Chief Creative Director for Blizzard Entertainment, is leaving the company after 17 years. Where he’ll be moving to and why he is leaving are still unanswered. But while Pardo leaves the building, Mike Morhaime answered an open letter about (the lack of diversity) in Blizzard games. Is there a tie between the two?


Plus, leading the raid for mythic teams in Warlords, pre-release reviews, beta blues and Pat makes some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS!

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The CtR crew is back for another fun show! This week, they look at some weird achievements, new loot for Warlords of Draenor, and more!

The Gaze of the Black Prince is a new buff unleashed by Blizzard to help those on their quest for the legendary cloak. it essentially improves your chance for all of the collection quests in your adventures. But it only lasts for two weeks, ending June 30th, and is that enough time for those just starting down the path? And while Blizzard’s new buff certainly can help players, is this really a benefit to the community, or would it be best to make The Gaze last until 6.0?

Shadowmoon Valley content was released in the WoD alpha, and while it looks really great, that doesn’t mean it’s very stable. Just as the crew went to hop online, there were critical errors taking down the servers for the weekend. But that doesn’t mean we can’t theorycraft!

Monks and Warriors received some fine tuning with the latest alpha patch as well, including more ability pruning and some serious playstyle changes. While the jury is still out on what this means for both of those classes, Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig from Blizzard says that there will be even more changes coming, especially to Arms Warriors.


Plus, game responsiveness improvements are coming with WoD, druids may be bugging out about their new gear, the crew takes your questions and more!

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This week began the “info dump” from Blizzard, and the guys at Convert to Raid have you covered with tons of information and some really bad jokes.

The latest blog article from Blizzard discusses the process behind a lot of the upcoming changes for Warlords of Draenor, including the stat squish, racial bonus changes, ability pruning, crowd control changes, and more. While the article itself is more general, a couple of developers took to Twitter to give much more detailed information, and the crew helps sort it all out.

What do these changes mean for raiders in World of Warcraft? How will your game be impacted as we head into the next expansion? These changes show a marked difference in the mindset of Blizz, but are they dumbing down WoW or making gameplay choices more interesting?

Plus, we answer several viewer questions, talk about our raid team’s expansion, the WoW Insider cutbacks and more!

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This week, the guys welcome Derevka -- he's a priest!  They talk about the Hearthstone beta, healing priests on the PTR along with all the latest news about patch 5.4 and beyond.  Blizz trademarks a new game title... or do they? The date for patch 5.4 is unofficially announced, shaman get some transmog love (but not in LFR), Flex and LFR rollouts examined, and was Blizz's latest EPIC trailer all that epic for alliance? Plus, Koltrane sends notes from afar, Dairies retires from WoW (not really), Derevka gets crumbs in his keyboard, and Zhug is horrible at TCGs. All of this and so much more on another jam packed episode!

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