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Welcome inside The Asparagus Initiative's house party! The ENTIRE CtR crew joined up live in Anaheim, California for a Blizzcon 2015 Wrapup. Inside, the guys cover a lot of specifics about World of Warcraft, drink a lot of spicy water, and behave fairly irresponsibly to make this truly a very unique celebration.

Beware, and enjoy!

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Tovo from Line of Sight Gaming and Sharku join this week’s crew as we make that final push toward Anaheim!

With less than two weeks until Blizzcon 2015, Blizzard HQ isn’t dropping a ton of news. But the news we do have is incredible, especially if you like esports. 

Activision Blizzard (the parent company) is creating a new eSports Division in the company, separate from both Activision and Blizzard Entertainment games. On top of that, they’ve hired top talent in key positions to help grow esports in the company. Steve Bornstein (former CEO of ESPN and NFL Network) joins as chairman while Mike Sepso (co-founder of Major League Gaming) joins as a senior VP. We assume that this means only good things for all of Blizzard’s newest games, but will this help or hurt raiding in World of Warcraft?

Patch 6.2.3 is on the PTR, and there may have been some things we didn’t cover as well as we should have, like cross realm Mythic raiding! But will all of the changes in the next patch be able to extend the life of Warlords of Draenor until the next expansion?

In the Battlenet News, OVERWATCH closed beta is out! The guys will give you their first impressions about the heroes, the gameplay, and the hype train that is Blizzard’s latest IP. 


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Convert to Raid #198 - Patch 6.2.3 Coming Soon™

Tattva from LoS Gaming and Mick Montgomery join the CtR crew this week for some really great discussions and lots of laughs!

Blizzard unveiled patch 6.2.3 last week on the test realms, and it may address some of the players’ concerns. Some of what’s inside patch 6.2.3 are new Timewalking dungeons from Cataclysm, Cross Realm Mythic raiding, the moose mount, and a return of the valor system!

On this show, the crew covers the patch piece by piece and spark some interesting conversations. Are these added items and systems worthwhile, and why are they now being included in the game? Who is Blizzard trying to reach, and how do some players view it? And more importantly, can these new features lure back players at the end of an expansion?

Plus, Blizzcon is right around the corner, and Linkin Park was announced for the closing ceremonies. No matter how you feel about the band, there are many things to look forward to both in person and on the virtual ticket, and the guys give you the rundown.

Also, Overwatch Closed Beta starts October 27th! This show is jam packed, so strap in!


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This week, there wasn’t a ton of World of Warcraft news, but there’s still a lot to talk about as we all get closer to Blizzcon 2015. Like Blizzcon 2015!

The map and schedule for Blizzcon has been released, and there were a couple of notable things missing, including no live raid event. Is it the recent guild turmoil, no new raid to preview, too many other games, or is it that Blizzard’s focus is more on eSports? The guys discuss whether or not this is a significant move by Blizzard.

Pepe has already made his way into players’ hearts, now a plush Pepe toy moves into the Blizzard gear store and he also gets several costumes in game, like knight, ninja, viking, and pirate. The crew couldn’t resist having some fun with it during the show.

Overwatch will be coming to a stream near you! Thursday, Oct. 15, Blizzard is teaming up with a couple of streamers to introduce live Overwatch gameplay on Twitch. While this says nothing about when the beta will be released, it should whet players appetites even more for this new game.

Plus, Hearthstone nerfs a pivotal card for Warriors, we take your questions on mythic requirements and dps balance, and have a lot of fun along the way. Enjoy!

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This week, Tattva (from LoS Gaming) and Sharku join the crew!


The face of raiding may be changing as Blizzard announced nerfs to 6 encounters on Normal mode Hellfire Citadel this last week. In some cases mechanics were tuned down so that casual guilds didn’t have to worry as much about personal responsibility as much, and on other bosses Blizzard removed mechanics altogether. Is this a case of tuning the encounter so that more people can see it, or could this be telling of what’s to come for normal modes of the future?

The Road to Blizzcon divided over the last weekend as we saw tournaments for both the Asia-Pacific region held in Taipei and the EU region hosted in Prague. The crew will give you some of the action and predict how well some of these competitors will stack up against their American counterparts.

In the Battlenet News, the guys go over some of the new stuff in Starcraft’s Patch 3.0! A new user interface and Whispers of Oblivion missions are now available on live. In Heroes of the Storm, Lt. Morales is now live along with a new Try Mode so that you can test heroes better than before.


Plus your questions, a bunch of silliness, and much more!


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This week, Mick Montgomery (StormCast, The Starting Zone) and Tovo (2 Minute Tips) are back on the CtR crew!

We have more information about the split between the raiders of Method and the new guild Serenity from a Manaflask interview this week. While there are no reports of personal drama, team focus and leadership have been discussed by both sides. The guys will give you the details inside!

Blizzcon is only 6 weeks away! It’s time to check out what we’ll be getting with our Blizzcon tickets and virtual tickets this year. And why is it that World of Warcraft always gives out the best stuff?

Plus, Archimonde changes help teams of all sizes, our Leading the Raid segment looks at guild hopping, plus a listener question on the upcoming class changes for Legion.

In the Battlenet News, Diablo’s latest season starts to wane, and we’ll have a bit of a recap on the NA Qualifiers for Heroes of the Storm in Vegas and more!

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This week, returning friends Gizmozord (Lords of the Storm Podcast) and Sharku join the CtR crew!

Top World of Warcraft raiding guild Method saw some roster changes this week as players left to form a new guild, Serenity. Midwinter also lost a couple of their top players to the new guild as well, including their main tank (and friend of the show) Slootbag. What does this mean for the top raiding scene for Legion, and do these moves say anything about the raiding in Warlords of Draenor or WoW in general? The guys discuss it inside.

Also, released their Gamescom interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Tom Chilton, and it brought up several interesting questions for our panel. Should expansions be serialized or self-contained (or as raiders, do we care)? Does the progression path look interesting and fun for Legion? And has Blizzard been successful in making the most of their worlds?

In the Battlenet News, StarCraft 2 released a cinematic and announced that their next expansion, Legacy of the Void, will be released after Blizzcon on November 10th. Also, a Diablo Q&A from Reddit, a review of Rexxar in Heroes of the Storm, and looking forward to the HotS American Championship this weekend in Las Vegas.

Plus your questions, a special show announcement, and much more!


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This week, Sal from The Converted Podcast joins the crew to talk about the latest happenings in WoW and more!

While we were away, patch 6.2.2 took flight on September 1st as promised, and with only 2 hours of downtime on U.S. servers. Not only is the the flight patch for Draenor, but also introduces Mercenary Mode in PvP, has some Timewalking loot changes, class changes, as well as a slight buff to all the horde racial traits.

Blizzard’s Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft appeared at DragonCon in Atlanta to give us more insight into what’s coming for WoW’s next expansion — LEGION. Some of the topics he discussed included Demon Hunters, overhauls for other classes, professions, transmog, and even some lore items. The CtR crew digs in to give you their takes on some of the details!


In the Battlenet News: Overwatch Coming Soon™, Diablo Season 4 goes live, Rexxar is released into the Nexus, and Heroes of the Storm’s new silencing mechanic for toxic players. Plus the gang answers your questions and so much more in another fun show!

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This week, the guys welcome friend, recent Heroes of the Storm tournament winner, and former raid team member Sharku to the show!

Patch 6.2.2 is currently on the PTR and was announced to be heading to the live servers on September 1! Not only will be an update to include PvP mercenary mode and flying, but a moose mount (finally!), changes to Horde racial, Timewalking dungeon loot changes, and the addition of Legendary Ring catch-up quests.

There are a few significant class changes also slated for 6.2.2, including buffs for Monks, Shadow Priests, Feral Druids and Protection Warriors. But since we’re deep into the Hellfire Citadel raid (the last of this expansion), is this a case of too little, too late? The crew discusses inside!


And there are many headlines in the Battlenet News too! Hearthstone releases The Grand Tournament expansion, Diablo patch 2.3.0 is now live, and the monk comes to Heroes of the Storm. The guys give you their thoughts and all of these new things and more in another fun episode!

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This week, the guys are joined by Jules Scott from Tauren Think Tank!

World of Warcraft PvP developer Brian Holinka made an appearance during the NA Arena Qualifier for Blizzcon to talk about the upcoming changes for PvP in WoW’s next expansion. One of the big reveals was that player stats will be based on the character’s specialization firstly, not their gear. That in conjunction with other changes should allow Blizzard more power to tune PvP than ever before without affecting PvE.

The flying patch was NOT released this week, but did parse the numbers for flying achievements on 2 million current players. The numbers don’t reflect a real drive for players to fly in Draenor. Could it be that this patch is coming too late in the expansion, or is there really no need to fly in WoD?

Also, Reddit goes crazy over last week’s show, the Blizzcon goodie bag is revealed, Diablo, Heroes and Hearthstone make the Battlenet News, and one news article asks the question: Does Blizzard need World of Warcraft anymore? Plus, more on the Well Played Party at Blizzcon, your questions and more!

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