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This show, the guys talk about all the big picture updates happening in the beta, Zhug gives out Dork of the Week like it was going out of style, and we get an update on Koltrane's Legendary Segment!  We also bring in Eade from My Epic Heals to talk with us about Holy Paladins, and feature an original song!

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This show, the guys discuss their impressions of raiding Molten Core at Level 60, Athaerick and Koltrane are all about the BETA, and we talk about Ghostcrawler's latest posts about how choices are choices in Mists of Pandaria.  Also, find out what the theme of April is on CtR as we try to figure out why Arizona's Congress doesn't have a clue about how the internet works and a lot more!

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This week the guys discuss all the news about the beta and upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria, including the new raid environments, why warlocks won't be tanking, and with the latest skinny on the phat loots!  We also take on the chaos boss in Dragon Soul known as Warmaster Blackhorn!  Also... you might want to watch out for really bad April Fools jokes.

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This show the guys follow up with all of the news being pumped out about the beta (giving their opinions along the way), Zhug has a meetup for gamers in Minnesota, and Preach from Preach Gaming comes on to wrap up Melee Month with a great discussion on Frost DKs.  You do not want to miss this episode for the insights, the information, or the fun!

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This show, the guys discuss the overview of interesting things that dropped this week regarding the next expansion... Mists of Pandaria.  Find out more about mounts, professions, glyphs, monks, pandas, factions, storylines and of course RAIDING.  It's a special edition show of CtR now available to blow your mind!

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This show, the guys (minus Koltrane) talk about all the news BEFORE the big news drops about Mists of Pandaria, including a 10 DK heroic Ragnaros kill, the Diablo III release and what that could mean for the MoP beta and more.  Tillman comes on to give us the 411 on Assassination Rogues, and we give our reactions to leaked photos and videos provided by our chatroom!  

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This week the guys have a LOT to discuss.  Not only were there two big interviews with WoW Devs, but the Mists beta might be coming pretty darn soon along with a whole new breakdown for buffs and debuffs.  We talk enhancement shamans with Ceindra, starting a guild with Zaikai, and talk a lot more about our Level 60 Raiding Challenge.  This show is packed full of gaming goodness, so get your ears ready!

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This week the guys bring in The Daily Blink's Chris Hanel and discuss stat changes for Mists of Pandaria, catch up on the Iron Man Challenge, and throw Ultraxion on the chopping block in The War Room.  We also learn all about the inside details of Chris's secret trip to Blizzard HQ (not really), bring up our own at level Raiding Challenge, and declare March as Melee Month!  Another show packed full of raiding goodness.  Open up and say, "YESSSSSS!"

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This week the guys talk about the latest gossip about Mists of Pandaria, follow up on the Iron Man Challenge, discuss why we love the next nerf in Dragon Soul and a lot more.  Torage the Warrior also comes on the show to talk to us about how and why he switched his long time raiding spec to Arms, and gets Koltrane on a rant about the different RNG specs in WoW right now.  We cover a lot of ground, so buckle up!

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This week the crew takes a look into the Mists of Pandaria talent calculator, discuss the solo Algalon kill and put Hagara the Stormbinder on the chopping block in The War Room.  They also talk about how to combat the raiding grind and answer a few of your questions along the way!

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