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This week, Tattva (from LoS Gaming) and Sharku join the crew!


The face of raiding may be changing as Blizzard announced nerfs to 6 encounters on Normal mode Hellfire Citadel this last week. In some cases mechanics were tuned down so that casual guilds didn’t have to worry as much about personal responsibility as much, and on other bosses Blizzard removed mechanics altogether. Is this a case of tuning the encounter so that more people can see it, or could this be telling of what’s to come for normal modes of the future?

The Road to Blizzcon divided over the last weekend as we saw tournaments for both the Asia-Pacific region held in Taipei and the EU region hosted in Prague. The crew will give you some of the action and predict how well some of these competitors will stack up against their American counterparts.

In the Battlenet News, the guys go over some of the new stuff in Starcraft’s Patch 3.0! A new user interface and Whispers of Oblivion missions are now available on live. In Heroes of the Storm, Lt. Morales is now live along with a new Try Mode so that you can test heroes better than before.


Plus your questions, a bunch of silliness, and much more!


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