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This week, there wasn’t a ton of World of Warcraft news, but there’s still a lot to talk about as we all get closer to Blizzcon 2015. Like Blizzcon 2015!

The map and schedule for Blizzcon has been released, and there were a couple of notable things missing, including no live raid event. Is it the recent guild turmoil, no new raid to preview, too many other games, or is it that Blizzard’s focus is more on eSports? The guys discuss whether or not this is a significant move by Blizzard.

Pepe has already made his way into players’ hearts, now a plush Pepe toy moves into the Blizzard gear store and he also gets several costumes in game, like knight, ninja, viking, and pirate. The crew couldn’t resist having some fun with it during the show.

Overwatch will be coming to a stream near you! Thursday, Oct. 15, Blizzard is teaming up with a couple of streamers to introduce live Overwatch gameplay on Twitch. While this says nothing about when the beta will be released, it should whet players appetites even more for this new game.

Plus, Hearthstone nerfs a pivotal card for Warriors, we take your questions on mythic requirements and dps balance, and have a lot of fun along the way. Enjoy!

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