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This week, Gizmo (from the Lords of the Storm podcast) and Sharku join the crew!

Everyone at Blizzard is coming back to work after the holiday break, but there have been some bold decisions for the new year!

It's now easier than ever to upgrade your legendary ring. Upgrades can be bought with Valor on top of Archimonde kills! But what does this mean for your average player?

Activision Blizzard scooped most of the assets from Major League Gaming before the end of 2015. What will this mean for Activision Blizzard's new eSports Division (and the possible fans at home)? Also, what steps do they need to take to become the "ESPN of eSports?"

Plus, Moose Mount Runs, games of the year, a bunch of your questions and a ton of good times. Enjoy!

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