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This week, Pat and Dairies are joined by Gizmo and Mick for a ton of Blizzard talk!

We’ve got a glimpse into how flying will be rolled out for Legion, so let the salt start… flying! Blizzard released Part One of the achievements needed to take to the skies of The Broken Isles, and they include completing all story quests and exploring every part of the new continent. Are there concerns amongst the players, and how have the developers responded?

Overwatch open beta starts this week, with early entry for pre-orders already underway. We’ll get the insight from both new and veteran players to see how this game is shaping up before the official release on May 24th!

Heroes of the Storm will allow coaches in comms for the Summer Championship. How will this change the game, and is this the right timing for a move like this?

Plus, Diablo Season 6, a DARGON will land in the Nexus, Blizzcon tickets, the Warcraft movie and much more!

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