Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

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Pat Krane, Sharku (Merely a Setback), John Horstmann (Overwatch Daily and Tactical Crouch), and Thorn (Lagging Balls) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

3:45 - Blizzard at Gamers' Choice Awards
10:25 - All Things Patch 8.1 at Launch and Beyond: War Campaign, Warfronts, Vendors, and more
22:15 - Who Sides with Sylvanas?
30:15 - Ad: Audible
32:06 - Island Expedition, WarMode Rewards updates, Darkshore
47:45 - Mythic+ Season 2 Affix: Reaping
53:30 - Overwatch: OWL loot on Fanatics, new teams announced
1:06:50 - FTC Looking in to Loot Boxes
1:23:00 - eSports (quick update) and Outro

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