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Tattva and Tovo from Line of Sight Gaming ( join the crew this week to talk about the Emerald Nightmare and other fun stuff!


11:00 - You Are Not Repaired! (

11:45 - Class and Spec Hotfixes

18:55 - The Mythic Race to World First Update

24:30 - Gearing in Legion (Mythic raid teams, legendaries, reasons to run all the things, mythic dungeons and more)

30:30 - The War Room: Nythendra, Il'gynoth, Elerethe Renferal overview, tips and strats

32:05 - Nythendra

38:30 - Il'gynoth

44:45 - Elerethe Renferal

56:55 - Warcraft Movie out, Battle.Net going away

1:03:10 - Esports!

1:13:10 - Outro

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