Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

Pat Krane, Thyst (Lagging Balls)talk about BlizzCon, WoW and more!

Intro: Jaina's dead (not), Hero Gauntlet problems
8:25 - WoW: Safe Haven cinematic, Patch 8.2 updates on the PTR
24:45 - Classic WoW beta talk and news
32:30 - CTR Top 10! And then more Classic WoW beta talk
53:00 - Overwatch Anniversary celebration!
57:30 - SC2 - New co-op commander, Stetmann
59:15 - Hearthstone: Dalaran Heist, Rise of the Mech event
1:03:45 - eSports: Overwatch League All-Stars, WCS Spring event, Hearthstone Grand Masters
1:11:30 - Outro

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