Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

Pat Krane, John Horstmann (Tactical Crouch), and Thorn (Lagging Balls) talk about WoW, Classic, and more!

Intro: John plays WoW with his wife, Thorn goes to Overwatch University
12:00 - Thyst vs. the MDI
14:45 - WoW: What do we call current WoW vs. Classic? Whispers of N'Zoth, Azshara spit take, Operation: Mechagon Hard Mode
32:00 - Essences on the PTR, Gnomes and Taurens - heritage armor and mounting issues
49:30 - Classic: Testing access, stress test shenanigans, bugs that aren't bugs, rose-colored glasses, addons, more
1:15:30 - eSports: a look ahead! OWL, MDI, AWC, Hearthstone Grandmasters, StarCraft
1:22:00 - Outro

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