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Gizmo (Lords of the Storm) and Sharku (Merely a Setback) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

7:20 - BIT: More Blizzard (and Pirate) Jokes!
13:35 - Getting ready for BlizzCon: here and away
21:05 - [Ad] Mack Weldon: Save 20% off your purchase at by using the code CTR
22:45 - WoW: First weekend recap of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational, Mione solos Helya
35:45 - Heroes of the Storm: BIG Announcement, new map, 2 new heroes, and more!
50:00 - Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan video on player toxicity, Junkertown is live, Mercy overhaul
55:20 - Hearthstone nerfs are live
58:40 - StarCraft 2: Day[9] announcer pack!
1:01:40 - eSports: HGC, Overwatch pros have a direct line to devs
1:10:15 - Outro

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