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Gizmo (Lords of the Storm), Jules (Tauren Think Tank), and Sharku (Merely a Setback) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

5:10 - Discussion: Spec combo variety please! Race/class combos too
17:05 - CTR Party Pre-Sale: Velcro Patches and Coloring Book!
21:30 - App now out!
23:00 - [Ad] Mack Weldon: Save 20% off your purchase at by using the code CTR
24:15 - Mythic Dungeon Invitational - EU and NA, Discussion on eSports in general
32:40 - Upgrading your Legendary... again! (Discussion on Legendaries, the Gear Grind, etc.)
41:45 - Discussion: New 110s and Quest Confusion
54:10 - Audio Drama - Alleria and Turalyon
1:01:10 - Overwatch: Junkertown in competitive, Zarya comic
1:07:15 - Hearthstone - HCT issues get real
1:17:00 - Heroes of the Storm: Ana, Volskya map enter the Nexus!
1:19:45 - eSports: Overwatch League starts Jan. 10, LF Casters, HGC
1:24:00 - Outro

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