Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

Pat Krane and Thyst talk about WoW, Classic, and more!

Intro - Why we are changing again and CTR lore, the tease of the tease for Koltrane's new show!
16:00 - Patching Patch 8.2, SO MANY CRABS
19:00 - PSA (Audio bit)
24:30 - Nazjatar, the Battle of Naz
28:30 - Saving Bane, the Crossroads Cinematic, lore questions
42:00 - Store stuff - mount and murlocs!
51:00 - Mike Morhaime articles
58:30 - Hearthstone expansion announcement and eSports roundup
1:06:45 - Outro and Tease for Azeroth Public Radio

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