Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

Pat Krane and Thyst talk about WoW, Classic and more!

6:30 - Birthdays, Anniversaries, and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT
13:30 - Frank Pearce retires
18:15 - Mythic Race to World First: Standings, streams, strats, personalities, teams, and more
32:45 - Hotfixes, Tank Threat change, World First Glory of the Eternal Raider, WoW IG for Wing 1, more
44:30 - Disney to buy ATVI????
53:45 - Classic Talk
1:00:45 - Hearthstone and Overwatch stuff
1:08:45 - Blizz Esports: AWC, OWL
1:15:00 - Outro

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