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Pat Krane and Thyst talk about WoW, Classic and more!

This week we're joined by Kyle "Zorbrix" Hartline, Product Manager for WoW Esports at Blizzard Entertainment. We discuss the story of the Mythic Dungeon International, from how it began to where it's going in the future and more! It's a fun chat talking about the game (and the esport) we love.

3:30 - Who is Zorbrix? Pretzels, Sydney, Turnips and more
11:30 - The beginnings of the MDI: How it came to be, TESPA, the weird beginnings
18:30 - MDI Development: Chaos, starting small, Ohio
26:00 - Taking the MDI International
32:00 - Buffing up the MDI: Looking forward to BlizzCon
47:30 - Surprises coming up?
54:00 - How does it feel creating an esport?
58:00 - The importance of GCDTV and other outside creators
1:00:00 - Raiding and outro

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