Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

This week, Pat and Thyst talk Classic, Battle for Azeroth, and more! Inside:

Intro - Pat and Thyst on raiding, messing up computers, new Overwatch stuff, more
10:30 - Hearthstone controversy catch-up for the last week
18:30 - Stupid Bit: Mad Libs!
29:00 - Warcraft III Datamining, BlizzCon, more
39:30 - Patch 8.3 features, datamining
47:30 - Story **spoilers** and the Great Jebait?
1:00:00 - Classic WoW News: Dire Maul, mount quests
1:03:30 - WoW Pop-Up Book, Wrap up and Outro

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