Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

This week, Pat and Thyst welcome Stats back to talk Patch 8.3, Classic and more!

Intro - Team Stream, PvP, Shamans, and more
10:00 - okay... actual special announcement. Find out how to win FREE LOOT from CtR!
25:00 - BFA News: Firelands Timewalking, Dottie (up to $3 million)
34:30 - Patch 8.2: Heritage armor, Mechagnome transmog restrictions, MUSIC and more!
53:00 - Let's talk esports
1:04:45 - CLASSIC News: Phase 3 lands, breaking the game on purpose, more
1:10:15 - Outro - Other Blizzard games!

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