Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

The guys are dressed up in their tuxes to celebrate the coming of 2013 with a look back on the best of 2012.  Not only will there be a countdown of our great production bits -- boss intros, songs, and the finale from Koltrane's Legendary Staff quests -- but we have Josh Allen stop by (Lore from Gamebreaker TV's Legendary), and all of the information we have on patch 5.2 which lands soon on the PTR. Tons of information? Check. Loads of fun discussion? Check. Incredibly weird and funny bits to savor before the new year hits? Check!  Looks like this show has got it all.  Enjoy, and happy new year from all of us to you!

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While the guys wait for the end of the world (according to the Mayan calendar), they've got a lot to discuss! Koltrane talks more about the Arcane Mage, Solarflair levels his boomy, and Zhug shares a casually legendary tale!  Also, the guys take another look at the state of raiding in WoW, especially after all of the developer interviews in the last week or so.  Also, Elegon is on the chopping block, and the boys take you through the action blow by blow. Plus, it's the CtR Holiday show, so we have presents for everyone, including you!  If you'd like to win a Cinder Kitten pet, please head to for more information in the post for this show. Happy holidays, from all of us to you!

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This week, the gang talks about switching things up in 5.1 for themselves before catching up with the latest round of developer interviews around World of Warcraft land, commenting on some of the most notable information we've gleened.  Also, Vlad from stops by to talk about how this internet powerhouse for raiders and how he and his business partner got started and how they keep things going. The guys answer your questions, and Koltrane has built the ultimate guide for Arcrane Mages at the end of the episode.  You'll want to stay tuned this entire episode -- lots of great stuff!

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On this special episode, Pat Krane sits down one on one with Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Encounter Designer for Blizzard. They discuss a lot of the end game content: scenarios, challenge modes, Brawler's Guild, dailies, dailies and more dailies, and of course every single mode of raid content!  Trials, tribulations, lessons learned, and triumphs abound in this jam packed interview!

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This week, patch 5.1 hit the live servers despite what Zhug said in the last episode, so the guys will take a look at some of the changes as they see them right now. They discuss dailies, dailies, and more dailies (now with flagged opposition), item level upgrades, the Legendary casual questline, the new standard time, and much more -- including the big changes to LFR and LFD, and lots of class changes too!  Plus, Zhug apologizes, Koltrane may dust off his 2 button keyboard, and Solarflair just tries to find the words.  Also, the guys take down The Spirit Kings in the War Room and give you the blow by blow and a ton more.  Hang on tight... it's gonna get freaky!

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Admittedly nothing much in the raiding news department from Blizzard. But when have we let that stop us before?  The guys catch you up on the race to world first, they prognosticate on patch 5.1 and have a little chat about LFR difficulty and what you need to know in order to clear this content.  Plus, Zhug gets a little Monky, Solarflair and Koltrane level up, and all the guys proceed to the next level of raiding!

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This week the guys have very pleasant conversations about World of Warcraft as they catch up on their raiding progression and all of the latest news and views from Pandaria, including: The latest on the race to world first as they prepare to tackle the heroic Terrace of Endless Spring, the latest release candidate for patch 5.1 and what that means for WoW players everywhere, and they'll discuss highlights of the World Championship as it comes to a close... and more!  Laughs, drama, news, and maybe a question or two from you guys.

Thank you so much for listening!

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This week, the gang will catch you up on the latest raiding news and so much more!  The latest leg of the racde to world first comes to a close, LFR, Normal, and Heroic Heart of Fear got some quick fixes, the World Championship is for WoW fans too, and Gara'jal the Spiritbinder is on the chopping block in The War Room.  Of course there is a LOT more, but you should really hear it all for yourself!

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This week, the crew takes a look at the latest news about the end game: Heart of Fear progression and the race to world first, loot as it relates to dailies and LFR for raiders everywhere, and we even take a look ahead to patch 5.1 and beyond. Solarflair and Zhug debate on whether it's okay to have a "pay to play" system for the Brawler's Guild while Koltrane is still recovering from last week's raid night.  Plus, Adobe from My Epic Heals drops by to give us some in depth tips and tricks for playing the resto shaman!  How do we pack in so much show? You be the judge!

Also. Please help those affected by last week's Superstorm Sandy by donating to the Red Cross!

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This week, the guys discuss all of the latest, including: The release of the Heart of Fear raid, Korean Realms getting double lock outs, some of the latest changes to patch 5.1 on the test realms, and Feng the Accursed is on the chopping block in this week's War Room!  Plus, Solarflair gets a new gig, Zhug takes a hard stance on trouble makers, and Koltrane turns furry.  All of this and so much more in this colossal show!

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This week, the CtR crew has another fun filled week of WoW news and entertainment for you!  A well known DK almost solos a Challenge Mode, Method speaks out about their #1 (25 man) heroic conclusion of the Mogu'Shan Vaults, 5.1 patch notes could be very interesting for some classes, and of course there are dailies, dailies, and more dailies.  We even have a great discussion on the loot systems in WoW and have a couple of ideas on how to improve them!  Solarflair steps up with his raiding schedule, Koltrane gets all hasty, and Zhug upgrades the CtR Command Center!

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This week, the guys give you the latest in WoW news and entertainment, even amidst the various tech problems (which, thanks to the miracle of editing, you won't hear much of)! Paragon beats everyone to the end even though they're only a 10 man, patch 5.1 hits the PTR and the crew has some small spoilers, and The War Room makes it's triumphant return as The Stone Guard gets taken down.  Also, Zhug changes guilds, Koltrane steps in the goo, and Solarflair tanks a vicious Klaxxi in real life!

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This week, the guys give away all the secrets!!! No, not really, but they do talk about reputation and dungeon grinding, Exodus being first to close the door on Mogu'Shan Vaults in normal mode, Challenge Modes, keybinding your spells and more... including a politician outed by her competitors for being a WoW player! *gasp*  Zhug makes an apology, Solarflair officially adds another raid team to lead, and Koltrane is having fun with his monk - Wokfu.  It's fast talking and high action on this jam packed show.  Check it out!

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Mists of Pandaria landed, and Convert to Raid responds with a great big round of applause! We'll give you our first impressions on leveling, dungeons, the auction house, rep and gear grinding and so much more.  Koltrane was out sick, so we asked WoW Insider Olvia Grace to join in on the fun!  Zhug gets a special present, Solarflair goes on the air with no sleep, and Olivia still has yet to hit the level cap. Also, we'll get you ready for Mogu'Shan Vaults with a brief strategy overview. If you raid (and even if you don't), you can't miss this show!

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This show, the guys are getting amped for the release of Mists of Pandaria, and are celebrating with a couple of awesome guests.  Ion Hazzikostas (Lead Encounter Designer) talks to Zhug, and the guys talk to Eatmopie about all of the different monk specs to get you ready.  But that's only a part of what happens!  Solarflair revives his hunter, Koltrane reveals how RAF will benefit his monk (Wokfu), and Zhug may be switching his raiding main after this week's Scouting Report.

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This week, the news has been... brief.  But there's still a ton of things to talk about!  A top guild goes 10 man, the devs take to Reddit, and the guys get you ready for Mists of Pandaria with a pre-launch discussion of things you may want to consider before sitting down for a marathon session of WoW.  Plus, Solarflair may be saying goodbye to an old friend, Koltrane waxes poetic about Ulduar, and Zhug gives new listeners a look into what you can expect from the show once MoP drops!

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This week the World of Warcraft lays silent, mostly, except for a couple of rustles in the trees.  The one rustling the loudest is Ghostcrawler because he just joined TWITTER!  O-M-G Ba-by! We have some other interesting bits and pieces as well too.  Solarflair talks about the Darkmoon Rabbit, Koltrane finds the hidden Batman reference in MoP, and Zhug loses it completely!  It's not a long show, but hold on to your hats because it's gonna get WEIRD!

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This week the guys take a look at 5.0.4 since it dropped on the live realms. Account wide mounts, pets and achievements, Loot in LFR, broken addons, AoE looting and more -- plus they take a look at YOUR reaction to some of the class changes, especially when it comes to talents and glyphs.  The players even have a great discussion about raiding heroics and progression fights and what that should mean in the scheme of things.  The guys give you the 411 on how you can get citizenship in the Bazoobagwabo Nation, Solarflair goes buggy over BC raiding, Koltrain revs up thanks to a friend, and Zhug drops a BOMB of an announcement that you won't want to miss.  Join us, won't you?

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This week, the guys go in depth with all the changes in patch 5.0.4, talk beta class balance, check out the free Armory app, and talk about some of the changes announced recently about LFR in MoP.  Athaerick becomes an irregular co-host, Solarflair talks BC raiding, Zhug announces an announcement, and writer/podcaster Euripides stops by to talk about how to prepare for the new expansion and how we might make money in Mists of Pandaria.  It's a very fun show with lots of great information, so get comfortable and stay awhile!

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This week, the guys will give you the scoop on patch 5.0.4 and when it's coming to Azeroth, and try to get you ready for Mists of Pandaria as best we can!  Koltrane apologizes for his segment, "In My Robe." Zhug finds the not so perfect solution for LFR, and Solarflair gets sassy over low level raiding.  We discuss the newly released cinematic trailer, we find out who is really jazzed for the latest changes to the druid travel form, and we check out one aspect of professions as we make the move into Pandaria.  All of this and a TON of your questions as well!

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Athaerick is back from his summer of fun, and the guys give big grats to the Convert to Raid lowbie raiding team, discuss the new team forming for Mists of Pandaria, and dive into all of the latest news from Blizzard HQ.  They even have a big discussion about LFR in Dragon Soul and try to analyze the good and bad, talk about the changes to LFR in Mists of Pandaria, and try to figure out if and how people may change up the way they use this raiding tool.  Plus, they take care of several listener questions along the way!

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The guys discuss the latest news from around Warcraft-land, like the latest WoW subscription numbers, the raid schedule for Mists of Pandaria, and the latest update to the quest line for the next Legendary weapons.  Also, Preach ( stops by to give us the overview on every single class and spec on the beta!  If you have a question about which spec you should roll in MoP, you should get plenty of answers.  It's yet another show, packed with loads of information and a ton of laughs!

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Koltrane returns for a fun filled show! The guys discuss the release date of Mists of Pandaria, Koltrane names his panda, Zhug debates which version of MoP he's going to buy, and Solarflair hears what a real English accent sounds like as Olivia Grace (WoW Insider) joins the show with fellow PVP aficionado Mike B. (Gamebreaker.TV) to discuss everything PVP.  From cataclysm and expansions past to all of the new Mists of Pandaria battlegrounds and statistics, we've got it covered on this week's show.  Very fun, tightly packed, and full of all sorts of knowledge you'll want to know!

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This week Solarflair and Zhug pug in Jules from the Tauren Think Tank to help discuss the latest news and issues of the day, including PTR 5.0.4 going live, a funky green button on, heroic raid testing on the beta, and even the illusive "nude drood!" We also break into the mailbag to answer a lot of your questions and give a little guide to new raiders wanting to pug into normals. Also... Blizzard has challenged us to challenge you, and we need your help!

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Solarflair and Zhug aren't by their lonesomes this week as they pug in RevnGeek to help with the show!  While raiding may be winding down, there's still a ton to talk about!  They talk all about low level raiding vs. The Summer Challenge, the latest nerf to hit Dragon Soul, the state of 10 and 25 man raiding, the new player mentoring system and more.  They also take your questions on alternative loot systems, future legendaries, and other big topics too! 

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The guys are back, the CtR Command Center is open, and it's time to catch up with the playas and all the latest WoW news while we share some of the best bits from our first year on the internets.  We talk all about the beta, take your questions and share a bunch of laughs in this show, and even blame Dave for all of our troubles.  Thank you for being a part of our show for the last year, and we look forward to seeing you for a long time to come!

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This week, the guys are away... but we still have a jam packed show of ultimate goodness for you! Zhug will catch you up on a couple of news stories on the beta, we'll give you a look behind the curtain with some pre and post show banter, and LilMissy will give us the lowdown on how Blizzard delivers the lore of WoW.  Seriously, Zhug and Missy talk for about an hour and it's really a fun discussion!

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This week, the guys discuss some of the hot topics of the week, including: Jaina's hot flashes, the latest furry hairstyles, how a legendary item may be like a high school graduation ceremony, and Ghostcrawler's busy week in the forums and more!  Plus, we talk to WoW Insider's own Poneria about the class that is going through an overhaul for Mists of Pandaria, and find out which specs still need some more work. Plus, we answer some of your questions, tell some bad jokes, and have a whole lot of fun.

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This week, all the guys are back - even Solarflair the Sleepyhead - and talk about a bunch of different topics... the new 25% nerf to Dragon Soul, the female Pandaren voice, Blizzard's reworking of entire zones in MoP and more. The crew takes on Madness of Deathwing, the final encounter of the Dragon Soul raid, answers your questions about raiding and other stuff too.  It's a huge show, so look out!

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The beta level cap hits 90, new aror sets are released along with some very creepy sounds from both the pandaren and various warlock pets.  The guys take a look and a listen to all the new stuff and answer your questions and more.  Derevka, a top theory crafter and beta professional, stops by to chat about how we can use the beta as a tool to get the most out of the new expansion before it hits!

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With all of the Diablo 3 hullabaloo finally disapating, the guys can get back to some serious business! We'll give you the latest news and views from the beta and beyond. Solarflair rants about hunter tier 14 gear, we get into the new way Blizzard is doing legendaries for MoP, we'll talk about a great new gold sink for raiding on the go, dailies going unlimited, and of course answer a ton of listener mail. Enjoy!

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This show, the gang discusses how the release of Diablo III has changed the face of raiding in World of Warcraft and the population of many capital cities!  They also tackle the latest beta patch and even speculate why Blizzard made a couple of smaller updates to items within the game.  Then we trick out our toons with Zoopercat and Eric from Ask Mr. Robot, and we give you all the information you'll need to understand this fantastic tool for raiders!

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This show, the guys talk about all the latest news, like the Battle Royale of Raiding, cat armor, panda dances, cross realm zones, and more!  Zhug gets corrected, Koltrane talks like a robot, Solarflair explains why he doesn't want to be near the CtR Steak House, and we take a lot of listener questions this week as well.

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This show, the gang gets back together after 2 weeks away, catching up with each other's adventures and catching you up with all the latest WoW news!  Zhug reminisces about the Minnesota Meet Up, the guys talk about the 20% nerf and what it means for raiders everywhere, and of course they talk about the latest beta news as well.  The Spine of Deathwing is on the chopping block in the War Room, and of course they have plenty of questions to answer, and so much more!

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On this week's show, we'll tell the entire tale of Koltrane and his journey to attain the legendary staff, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.  We'll take you from the very beginning to the final moments, with all the drama, excitement, and bad jokes that can only be told in our series of produced goodness.  Also, we'll give you the latest Mists of Pandaria beta news, old school raiding updates, tips for raid leaders everywhere and we'll get to your questions.  It's another packed show of legendary proportions!

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This show, the guys talk about all the big picture updates happening in the beta, Zhug gives out Dork of the Week like it was going out of style, and we get an update on Koltrane's Legendary Segment!  We also bring in Eade from My Epic Heals to talk with us about Holy Paladins, and feature an original song!

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This show, the guys discuss their impressions of raiding Molten Core at Level 60, Athaerick and Koltrane are all about the BETA, and we talk about Ghostcrawler's latest posts about how choices are choices in Mists of Pandaria.  Also, find out what the theme of April is on CtR as we try to figure out why Arizona's Congress doesn't have a clue about how the internet works and a lot more!

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This week the guys discuss all the news about the beta and upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria, including the new raid environments, why warlocks won't be tanking, and with the latest skinny on the phat loots!  We also take on the chaos boss in Dragon Soul known as Warmaster Blackhorn!  Also... you might want to watch out for really bad April Fools jokes.

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This show the guys follow up with all of the news being pumped out about the beta (giving their opinions along the way), Zhug has a meetup for gamers in Minnesota, and Preach from Preach Gaming comes on to wrap up Melee Month with a great discussion on Frost DKs.  You do not want to miss this episode for the insights, the information, or the fun!

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This show, the guys discuss the overview of interesting things that dropped this week regarding the next expansion... Mists of Pandaria.  Find out more about mounts, professions, glyphs, monks, pandas, factions, storylines and of course RAIDING.  It's a special edition show of CtR now available to blow your mind!

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This show, the guys (minus Koltrane) talk about all the news BEFORE the big news drops about Mists of Pandaria, including a 10 DK heroic Ragnaros kill, the Diablo III release and what that could mean for the MoP beta and more.  Tillman comes on to give us the 411 on Assassination Rogues, and we give our reactions to leaked photos and videos provided by our chatroom!  

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This week the guys have a LOT to discuss.  Not only were there two big interviews with WoW Devs, but the Mists beta might be coming pretty darn soon along with a whole new breakdown for buffs and debuffs.  We talk enhancement shamans with Ceindra, starting a guild with Zaikai, and talk a lot more about our Level 60 Raiding Challenge.  This show is packed full of gaming goodness, so get your ears ready!

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This week the guys bring in The Daily Blink's Chris Hanel and discuss stat changes for Mists of Pandaria, catch up on the Iron Man Challenge, and throw Ultraxion on the chopping block in The War Room.  We also learn all about the inside details of Chris's secret trip to Blizzard HQ (not really), bring up our own at level Raiding Challenge, and declare March as Melee Month!  Another show packed full of raiding goodness.  Open up and say, "YESSSSSS!"

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This week the guys talk about the latest gossip about Mists of Pandaria, follow up on the Iron Man Challenge, discuss why we love the next nerf in Dragon Soul and a lot more.  Torage the Warrior also comes on the show to talk to us about how and why he switched his long time raiding spec to Arms, and gets Koltrane on a rant about the different RNG specs in WoW right now.  We cover a lot of ground, so buckle up!

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This week the crew takes a look into the Mists of Pandaria talent calculator, discuss the solo Algalon kill and put Hagara the Stormbinder on the chopping block in The War Room.  They also talk about how to combat the raiding grind and answer a few of your questions along the way!

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This week, the guys catch up with Koltrane on his legendary staff, talk about the latest buzz from Blizzard HQ including the latest earnings call, and answer some of your questions.  And we have a special guest in to discuss a lot about druid tanking.  It's another full show!

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This week we pug in Raiding a Raider's RevnGeek as we tackle all the news with patch 4.3.2, including cross realm raiding and the ret pally dps buff!  We also take a few listener questions, and defeat the beach ball toting, evil Warlord Zon'ozz!  Thanks to RevnGeek (and Boobear) for joining Zhug and Solarflair this week... a very fun show indeed!

Direct download: ctr_31.mp3
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This week the guys talk about the upcoming nerf and the new patch, go over the latest raiding statistics, and get completely bummed over no Blizzcon in 2012.  Then we spin the show on its ear as we talk with James and Rob from Exodus, ranked 9th in the world on, all about raiding in the race to world first.  We hit a LOT of key ingredients for those guilds that want to step up their game, and we get a ton of insight into what it's like to raid in this ultra competitive environment.  It's another amazing show!

Direct download: ctr_30.mp3
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Buff mages!  This week the guys bring in very special guest Chris Hanel (The Daily Blink, Legendary) to discuss the upcoming nerf to the Dragon Soul raid, the talent system for Mists of Pandaria and in The Scouting Report, Chris drops some knowledge  on us about fire mages. This is a very full show packed with fun surprises and lots of information and opinions, definitely one that you don't want to miss.  Bazoobagwabo!

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This week the guys discuss the latest raiding numbers, cross realm raiding with Real ID friends and how it may or may not effect the server communities.  Also, Yor'Sahj is and his rainbow of pain is on the chopping block, and the guys try to answer all of your questions and more!

Direct download: ctr_28.mp3
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The guys are back from break and ready to raid with you! This week we catch up on the race to world first for Dragon Soul, chat about the newly announced cross realm raiding, and also try to guess what the timing of MoP is going to be.  Frostheim -- you know, THE Frostheim -- comes on to talk about the hunter class in a mind scrambling rendition of The Scouting Report.  Seriously, Koltrane could be in recovery for weeks.  It's another show loaded down with tons of information and fun!

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