Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

This week, the guys go in depth with all the changes in patch 5.0.4, talk beta class balance, check out the free Armory app, and talk about some of the changes announced recently about LFR in MoP.  Athaerick becomes an irregular co-host, Solarflair talks BC raiding, Zhug announces an announcement, and writer/podcaster Euripides stops by to talk about how to prepare for the new expansion and how we might make money in Mists of Pandaria.  It's a very fun show with lots of great information, so get comfortable and stay awhile!

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This week, the guys will give you the scoop on patch 5.0.4 and when it's coming to Azeroth, and try to get you ready for Mists of Pandaria as best we can!  Koltrane apologizes for his segment, "In My Robe." Zhug finds the not so perfect solution for LFR, and Solarflair gets sassy over low level raiding.  We discuss the newly released cinematic trailer, we find out who is really jazzed for the latest changes to the druid travel form, and we check out one aspect of professions as we make the move into Pandaria.  All of this and a TON of your questions as well!

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Athaerick is back from his summer of fun, and the guys give big grats to the Convert to Raid lowbie raiding team, discuss the new team forming for Mists of Pandaria, and dive into all of the latest news from Blizzard HQ.  They even have a big discussion about LFR in Dragon Soul and try to analyze the good and bad, talk about the changes to LFR in Mists of Pandaria, and try to figure out if and how people may change up the way they use this raiding tool.  Plus, they take care of several listener questions along the way!

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The guys discuss the latest news from around Warcraft-land, like the latest WoW subscription numbers, the raid schedule for Mists of Pandaria, and the latest update to the quest line for the next Legendary weapons.  Also, Preach ( stops by to give us the overview on every single class and spec on the beta!  If you have a question about which spec you should roll in MoP, you should get plenty of answers.  It's yet another show, packed with loads of information and a ton of laughs!

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