Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

This week, the gang takes a look at the latest from patch 5.2, including the Mogu Charms of Fate and what that means for casual raiders, and they take on Grand Vizier Zor'lok and Blade Master Ta'yak in a double episode of The War Room!  Also, the guys give you the F.A.Q. on the new guild in Aerie Peaks US, including all of the details for our most heard questions of the week. Welcome home, raiders!

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This week, the guys take a peek behind the curtain of encounter design, give you more details of patch 5.2 on the PTR, and even talks about PvP gear... *gasp!*  But they have even bigger news for you too.  Convert to Raid will now be an in game community!  Find out all the details about how you can be a part of the fun in this very cool new project.  Also, Solarflair gets a Solarbear, Zhug wouldn't know a metagem if it was in his helm, and Koltrane goes back to playing like Chunk Norris.  Plus, the boys get to a lot of your questions in this exciting show!

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The guys are back after a bit of a break, and there's lots of catching up to do! Solarflair talks old school raiding in Naxx, The Asparagus Initiative has an emergency meeting, and Zhug tells of his adventures away from the Command Center.  A level 80 pally kicks Elegon's butt, patch 5.2 is live on the PTR, and the Cinder Kitten raises big money for the Red Cross. Also, Will of the Emperor is in the War Room, we'll answer some of your questions and more.  Welcome to another brand new Convert to Raid!

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