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This week Mick and Sharku join the CtR crew to talk about the latest Blizzard news.

Blizzard released a whole bunch of WoW on the world, opening up the Legion beta for data mining and allowing streamers, friends and family to play an alpha build!

The alpha build features the Demon Hunter and not much else, including character creation and the starting zone in Mardun. It's a throwback to Outland and has a familiar feel for those that have played through The Burning Crusade. This isn't much different from what they offered at Blizzcon this year, but it is something new for players to see over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Meanwhile, beta data has exploded all over the internet, with tons of new items, spells, talents, strings, and more... all without anyone being able to play it. While there's a lot of information out there, players still don't know exactly how the game will feel. And while much of this initial build may change during the beta process, the CtR crew give an overview of the new talents systems (for both PvE and PvP), scenarios and more.

Plus Moose Mounts, that Fel Reaver noise, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm news, your questions and lots of laughs. Enjoy!

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The CtR crew is back from Blizzcon, and there’s a TON of WoW news to catch up on! 

Patch 6.2.3 hits World of Warcraft and includes cross realm Mythic raiding, the Grove Warden moose mount, Cataclysm Timewalking dungeons, valor and more! The guys cover all of it and even reveal a way that you can get your moose mount through our site!

This week, Blizzard has been releasing all of the Legion Class Previews as a way to describe the way that classes and specs will be changing for the next expansion. While there may be some concerns from players about how these will eventually play on live servers, the developers put forth strong class fantasies as their guide moving forward. The guys talk about the overviews and what they expect of their own classes, especially discussing hunters, priests and druids.

Also... Gnome hunters, all the Battlenet News, your questions and more! 

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*** WARNING -- This show is not recommended for work or kids. ***

Welcome inside The Asparagus Initiative's house party! The ENTIRE CtR crew joined up live in Anaheim, California for a Blizzcon 2015 Wrapup. Inside, the guys cover a lot of specifics about World of Warcraft, drink a lot of spicy water, and behave fairly irresponsibly to make this truly a very unique celebration.

Beware, and enjoy!

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