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This week, Tattva from Line of Sight Gaming and Gizmo from Lords of the Storm podcast join the CtR crew!

As we head into the holidays, the guys chat a little bit more about their first impressions with the latest alpha build of Legion, the next expansion for World of Warcraft. The crew discusses the classes and specs they've played, questing zones, class halls, and more, including some minor spoilers.

The developers of Overwatch have a lot to work to do while the beta is on hiatus, including coming up with how players may progress when the game goes live. Director Jeff Kaplan revealed a couple of ideas that the crew discusses.

Heroes of the Storm has a new face in the lineup -- Lunara! Gizmo fills you in on basic playstyle of the dryad and also talks about the MMR improvements now live in the game.

Plus, a lot of listener questions on WoW and more! Happy Feast of Winter Veil, and a Happy New Year from Convert to Raid!

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This week, Mick and Tovo join the CtR crew to talk about some alpha!

A new build to the Legion alpha means that there's a lot more to see and do, including many of the intro quests for the Artifact Weapon, the Highmountain questing zone, new dungeons, and possibly even the pre-expansion event. While we try not to spoil the story too much for you, expect there to be talk about questing, class mechanics and more.

The guys will tell you what they've experienced, their first impressions, and some of the changes you might expect as it's laid out right now. Of course this is early in its development (so things will be changing), but there are some impressive things to discuss!

Plus, Treasure Demons, Changes to Every Man for Himself, the Battlenet News and much more!


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This week, there's a lot more information being data mined in the Legion beta build, including a list of LEGENDARY ITEMS as well as Artifact Weapon talents!

The list of Legendaries is quite long (56 at current count), and is split up between different roles, classes and specs. The guys go over what we know about them -- which isn't a lot -- and how we'd like them to be for Legion. What makes an item Legendary? How could the developers better capture the fantasy of these items, and how will these items affect players both personally and as part of a raid team?

With many (but not all) of the Artifact Weapon talents now data mined in their very early stages, what do we see? How do these talents feel when it comes to basic gameplay options, and what do our players hope for Legion?

Plus, more info on Gnome and Goblin Hunters, sign up for your free Moose, follow us on Twitter for free stuff when we have it, your questions and so much more in this very fun episode!

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