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This week, Gizmo and Sharku join the crew for WoW talk and more!

Other than all we’ve been doing on live servers, Legion alpha continues to be the main source for news in World of Warcraft. The crew will give all of their experiences on how various classes are playing along with some of the sights without giving away any big lore spoilers. The good, the bad and the alpha!

In other Blizzard games, Game Director Jeff Kaplan announced that Overwatch should be coming back in mid-February with a bunch of new stuff, including new maps and at least one new game mode. The guys discuss the details.

And Heroes of the Storm announced the wizard and necromancer characters from Diablo.  Game Director Dustin Browder announced them on Stormcast along with addressing some upcoming balancing and gameplay features.

Plus, your questions, Shark can’t get tier gear, Gizmo goes hard core in Diablo and dies, Pat might try for rank in Hearthstone and more in this jam packed show!

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Mick Montgomery and Tovo from Line of Sight Gaming join the crew this week to talk all things Blizzard Gaming... and beyond!

The next alpha build for Legion is now playable, and includes a new zone, a new dungeon, and a bunch of new specs for players to try. Elemental and enhancement shaman are a part of that, as well as the shaman class hall. The guys give you their experiences so far, and try not to give any story spoilers along the way!

ESPN announced that they will start covering eSports much more in the future, even starting their own ESPN eSports Twitter account. What does this mean for esports in general, and how might this affect Activision Blizzard as they begin to launch their own esports division?

Diablo Season 5 begins and includes a bunch of new stuff, Heroes of the Storm gets Genn Greymane, and the Heroes Spring Global Championship is announced.

Plus, the CtR Guild celebrates it's third anniversary, Pulp Fiction's producer comes to Activision Blizzard, and lots more!

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A SPECIAL SHOW for our listeners!

Several movie geeks from around the Signals Media All Star Network gather together to talk all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Spoilers abound as these geeks try to hit on at least some of their thoughts both on the movie and the franchise!

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This week, Gizmo (from the Lords of the Storm podcast) and Sharku join the crew!

Everyone at Blizzard is coming back to work after the holiday break, but there have been some bold decisions for the new year!

It's now easier than ever to upgrade your legendary ring. Upgrades can be bought with Valor on top of Archimonde kills! But what does this mean for your average player?

Activision Blizzard scooped most of the assets from Major League Gaming before the end of 2015. What will this mean for Activision Blizzard's new eSports Division (and the possible fans at home)? Also, what steps do they need to take to become the "ESPN of eSports?"

Plus, Moose Mount Runs, games of the year, a bunch of your questions and a ton of good times. Enjoy!

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