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This week Gizmo and Sharku join the crew for WoW talk and more!

It’s a quiet week on the live servers, but the alpha is still humming along. The guys will share a little bit about what they’ve been playing lately, especially BM Hunters. Plus Pat shares the details for the Minnesota Warcraft Movie Meetup in June!

In the meantime, how about a good read? The book Warcraft Chronicle Vol. 1 comes out next week (March 15), and Pat Krane somehow managed to get an advanced copy. He’ll give you the rundown, mixing up names and lore along the way.

Overwatch’s release date is set for May 24, with an OPEN BETA earlier that month. The guys will give you the details as they get pumped up to play with everyone.

WoW bosses collide on Twitter and Facebook to find out who is the biggest baddie of them all in March Badness! Which of the Hateful Eight is your pick?

Plus, Xul goes live and a lot of esports talk with Heroes of the Storm, Dairies wants your Left Sharks, and a lot more!

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