Convert to Raid: The podcast for raiders in the World of Warcraft!

Pat and Stats are joined by Eiya (MDI and AWC host) to talk about all things WoW and more: from her days in GCDTV to streaming to how corruption may affect the upcoming AWC season, the gang covers a lot of ground -- even talking about her days as a competitive skier!

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Pat and Stats head deep into the darkness of the datamines to chat with a couple of folks from Wowhead -- Perculia and Neryssa! Inside, you'll get some of the inside scoop on how Wowhead works during these very busy times and their insights on all things WoW... including the Shadowlands beta!

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This week, Sloot joins Pat and Stats to catch up on all things World of Warcraft! They talk BFA and Shadowlands beta, including the controversial situation with player power locked behind covenant choice, some class discussions, and much more. It's a fun chat with this very knowledgable player! 

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This week, Pat Krane and WarcraftStats chat with Dratnos, streamer, guide-maker, and caster for the Mythic Dungeon International! Let's get to know him, get into some Mythic goodness, and talk about all things World of Warcraft!

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This week, Pat and Stats talk with Hazel about her content creation on YouTube and Twitch and her thoughts on World of Warcraft, especially Shadowlands!

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Pat Krane talks to reporters, a human resources specialist, and a panel of women about the recent tidal wave of online allegations of inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct in the gaming industry, and how organizations in and around World of Warcraft are responding.

This documentary style show should be viewed as the start of a discussion on these real world issues.

Thanks to: Seth Schiesel, Nathan Grayson, Waj, Alix, Pasha, and PhoenixNymphy for their time and their help. Thank you for listening.

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This week, Pat and Stats catch up on (gaming) life since the break and talk about plans for the show going forward.

The guys talk to Thyst, now Associate Content Manager of WoW Esports! Inside we discuss:
• Her first days at Blizz
• Life and work since lockdown
• Some inside scoop on the MDI, AWC, and the Classic Summer Bowl
• How she landed the job, and advice to others
• and much more!

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This week, Pat, Thyst, and Stats talk Ny'alotha, Patch 8.3 and more!

Intro - Race to World First quick impressions
7:15 - The Race to LA (Thyst's big move)
15:00 - ANNOUNCEMENT and what it means for CTR going forward
25:30 - Race to World First, streams, bosses, more
41:00 - Charity Blade Refunds... and Warcraft III issues (and refunds)
50:30 - Esports! Hearthstone, OWL
55:00 - Outro, Goodbyes

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This week, Pat and Thyst talk Patch 8.3, Classic and more!

Intro: CTR goes on the road?
12:00 - The last week in 8.3: our experiences, the bugs, the zones, and more
27:00 - What you NEED to do in Patch 8.3
42:00 - Ny'alotha Opens! Where to find guides, impressions, bosses, and the Mythic Race to World First!
1:03:00 - Outro

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This week, Pat and Thyst welcome Stats back to talk Patch 8.3, Classic and more!

7:30 - Patch 8.3 Release Notes
17:00 - Cut Scenes, Anduin's Punch, Quest Content, Zones, more
41:00 - Vulpera, DKs,
48:30 - Gear, Motifs, Ny'alotha, more
58:00 - Race to Mythic First
1:05:00 - Classic WoW: Phase 3, Part 2 Soon™
1:10:00 - Outro

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This week, Pat and Thyst talk World of Warcraft LORE and story with Jesse from The Lost Codex!

This show is more of a freeform discussion about the lore and storytelling of Battle for Azeroth. We touch on the characters and events that have meant so much to us over the expansion, and we discuss what we'd like to see from Patch 8.3 and beyond. Plus esports for the last few minutes!

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