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John Horstmann (Well Met and The Payload podcasts), and Gizmo (Lords of the Storm) join the crew this week to talk about WoW and more!

10:20 - Blizzcon 2017 Announced
15:15 - WoW Q&As (Itemization coming up, PvP from last week)
30:45 - Player Ban Wave
40:00 - Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan Talks Titan, Orisa launch date announced
46:55 - Heroes of the Storm: Charity Brawl, Probius Released, Season 4 starts
53:55 - Hearthstone: Un'Goro Videos and Expedition Journal, EU exchange rates change
1:00:15 - Diablo: Necromancer Update
1:03:55 - eSports Update: OW, Hearthstone, HotS
1:21:15 - Outro

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For videos, audios, and all things CtR, join us online at


Mick Montgomery, Dairies, Tattva and Tovo walked the red (or black) carpet on Monday, June 6 to see the L.A. premiere of the Warcraft movie. Now that they've seen it, what were their thoughts and opinions of the movie, and how does it stack up for WoW fans?


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A SPECIAL SHOW for our listeners!

Several movie geeks from around the Signals Media All Star Network gather together to talk all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Spoilers abound as these geeks try to hit on at least some of their thoughts both on the movie and the franchise!

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Brad - @Sharku_CTR

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