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This week, Tattva (Line of Sight Gaming) and John Horstmann (The Payload and Well Met podcasts at join the crew as we talk about Warcraft and other Blizzard games!

Intro -- LoS Game Night, Overwatch eSports and catching up with the gang

11:00 -- Well Played Party at Blizzcon 2016 is go!

12:40 -- Blizzcon Virtual Tickets and Goodie Box 19:14 -- WoW Website update

20:35 -- WoW Patch 7.0.3 Legion Prepatch! Spell animations, class changes, transmog, view distance vs. camera zoom distance, spell pruning, professions UI, disc priests, and more

43:45 -- Updated Silence Penalty

48:40 -- WoW Fishing Raids

50:20 -- WoW comics, videos and now a radio drama series!

54:10 -- Overwatch: New hero, Ana!

1:00:15 -- Overwatch competitive play

1:04:15 -- HotS: Gul'dan, new hero announced (Auriel), and more

1:07:55 -- Heathstone RAF, new adventure TBA

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In this special report, Mick Montgomery and Gizmo take a look at the latest news from Heroes of the Storm. Covered in this in depth report -- the current ranked play system, new hero announcements, massive patch notes coming your way, and a special look at the latest Roster-pocalypse in the NA pro scene. Enjoy!


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In this Special Report, Pat talks to Accomp about the LEGION BETA. They will be talking in depth on some items, but there is so much happening with Legion that this conversation will only scratch the surface of all the information to be had. If you wish to follow along, check out Accomp’s Legion Guide here:


0:00 - Intro

2:28 - Demon Hunter overview

7:19 - Class overhaul overview: Talents, Artifact weapons and talents, Alternate specs and characters, etc.

18:49 - Character progression paths: Leveling, mob scaling, world quests, Suramar, dungeons 34:46 - Mythic+ dungeons

41:12 - Raid testing

44:35 - Gearing paths, legendary items and the Titanforge system

54:30 - Professions

1:00:23 - Glyphs

1:04:09 - Tranmog system

1:05:19 Wrap Up and Outro


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